Safety Tips

If you have a gas risk at your business premises then BS 5306 recommends a powder extinguisher should be present.



Make sure your fire exit signage actually leads you out of the building and to a safe distance away – not into a locked area close to your building.



If you can see any wiring through insulating cables on an electrical device you should not use it and have it fixed or discarded.



If your company/business premises haven’t done a fire risk assessment and someone is seriously injured or dies in a fire the ‘responsible person’ could face a prison sentence.



Never overload a power socket, especially if the electrical devices heat up
i.e. hairdryer, heater, oven etc.



At work or home always know where your exits are and ensure the routes
to them are clear and they open easily.



Check your smoke detectors on a regular basis and if you hear one
beeping then it needs a new battery.



Make it your responsibility to ask your employer for fire training and if the right fire precautions are in place, after all it is your life at risk too. Most of us think we’d just get out if there was a fire, but what if the fire was between you and the exit?



If you work with a computer during the day have a look and clear any dust or fluff that can accumulate around the cooling fan or air inlets.



Keep combustible material away from ignition sources i.e. keep paper away from a heater.